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Pascal White (Schauspieler von 'Revenge of a Daughter'). This image has been converted to black and white) Actor Ian Ziering and wife Erin Ziering (pictured) along with 2 year old daughter Mia welcome baby Penna. Ian White ist ein englischer Dartspieler, der am August in Stoke-on-Trent geboren wurde. Er ist auch unter seinem Spitznamen „Diamond“ und durch seinen.

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Ian white darts daughter - Go to the top of the page. You can search using any combination of the items listed below. He has acted in several Australian television series, most notably as Kevin Burns in Prisoner in You can search using any combination of the items listed below. Vielleicht ist Romeo auch noch minderjährig. Hier verpassen Sie nichts über den 1. Skip user information nrwdarter Unregistered. Sie sind gerade unterwegs und brauchen eine Fahrplanauskunft? Morecambe - Tranmere Rovers 3:

It's probably the most right-wing city in Europe at the moment. There has been no other magazine that promotes the advancement of the White Race and that does not tie itself to any political party.

The bands are popular so the magazine is popular. George and everybody socialises and gets on. Storm is coming now. The sky darkens, night falls!

The battle's conning now, your race calls! We'll carry on the fight until the day we die, Against us the people that would kill us, for the flags we fly, We won't surrender, we won't give in, We'll fight the fight and we will win.

Stand up beside us and we will have our day, Stand up against us, get out of our way. The storm is rising, blood flows!

The banks are bursting, overflow! Here it comes now, tidal wave! Millions of people now, mass grave! Chorus People to the left, people to the right, People in the middle that don't want to fight, Traitors fight against us, a Showdown!

The people in the middle get knocked down! We fight for freedom, we fight to win, The colour of our uniform, the colour of our skin!

We know the traitors are in our midst, But now they're running like the others did! Forty six years, Forty six years, he stayed true to his faith.

They tried to break him with their corrupt ways, Offered freedom to the end of his days, They wanted him to denounce the Fuhrer, But his devotion was always true, yeah.

Now he's dead Rudolf Hess is free, He paid the price for his loyalty, A man who left a son and a wife , We won't forget his sacrifice.

We're on the mean streets, out in the city, We're on the mean streets, everywhere, We're on the mean streets, out in the city.

We're on the mean streets, the fighting is there, What's that smell? It's democracy, Who owns the press, we can guess, the ones with the money.

One man, one vote, but they still gloat, the media has control. Three party state, decides our fate, the TV owns our souls.

Chorus We're attacked behind our backs, we're doing all we can, If the knife should take our life, at least we never ran, We know the reds are in the beds, with the police tucked by their sides, The real scum are the ones who run, and once we believed their lies.

Hearts of fire - land of ice, Hearts of fire - land of ice. We cross a mighty ocean and arrive next day, Comrades are waiting on the dock of the bay, We toast old friendships as we shake their hands, We swear to keep fighting to release our lands, The next day on to Stockholm, to meet comrades of the fight, Their pride is Sweden's struggle, Hearts of fire - land of ice.

Hearts of fire - land of ice, Bevera Sverige Svensk is the slogan there, Nordic pride is the thing they share, To save their Northern country from the Marxist plague, To stop their country dying they fight every day, They're fighting in Uppsala, In Sodertalje they fight, In Boras and in Malmo, Hearts of fire - land of ice, Hearts of fire - land of ice.

We normally do a couple of Klansmen songs at most Skrewdriver gigs anyway. The Klansmen haven't actually been a steady line up anyway, we tend to use musicians from other bands.

It's good for them, as they get to record which a lot of bands don't manage to do, and it also gets more people involved in our cause.

They want to share their destiny until the job is done. This is a triumph of the will, This is a triumph of the will.

History books are written by liars, Nothing that you read is true. If they don't want you to know about something, They keep the facts from you, Some now say that Karl Marx was great, And communism's good, What they don't tell is Marx is in hell, And his flags are drenched in blood.

We are the vanguard, the blood and the honour, The truth bearers of freedom and light, Government pressure is out on the street, The communist media we fight, Remember places, traitors faces, They'll all pay for their crimes, All their lies will someday die, I've told you six million times.

There will come a time when every man, Will have to make a stand, Will you, be amongst the few, who fight to keep our lands, Does the flame still burn in your heart, Because it still bums in mine, You know you'll have to make the choice, Because we're running out of time.

Tomorrow belongs to me! The branch on the linden is leafy and green, The Rhine gives ifs gold to the sea, But somewhere a glory awaits unseen, Tomorrow belongs to me!

The babe in his cradle is closing his eyes, The blossom embraces the bee, But, soon says a whisper, arise, arise, Tomorrow belongs to me!

Now Fatherland, Fatherland, show us the sign, Your children have waited to see, The morning will come when the world is mine, Tomorrow belongs to me!

As an example, a recent Searchlight accused me of being an arms dealer, a drug peddler, an acid house party organiser, a child pomographer, plus, conspiring to murder Patrick Harrington.

That was all in one issue as well. It is funny though, how Jewish people such as Gerry Gable are allowed to publish all these figments of their tormented imaginations, without fear of prosecution from the press control people.

On the other hand when you discover the people who run the press and if control boards it's not so funny after all. And gone are the times with your family - with your family.

You left life behind, You knew they had your death warrant signed. But there was no way that you would compromise, no compromise.

You're gone with the breeze, but you'll always be there on our minds. You're gone with the breeze, just a memory of those times. You're gone with the breeze, but you left a lot of people who loved you.

You're gone with the breeze, but we'll remember you. You stood against lies, and you would never hide.

You stood face to face with the enemy - with the enemy. Against all the odds, danger's path you trod. You knew it could only end in tragedy - in tragedy.

Chorus All end in devastation, for a man who loved his nation. Another warrior they took away, yeah they took him away. But in our hearts he did not die, Forever more his flag we'll fly.

One day the land will stand in his memory, Robert Matthews. At present I have nearly completed the material for the next Skrewdriver LP which should be out by summer.

I have many good comrades and friends in Germany and I am happy for them in their hour of victory - Also the crumbling of Marxism in Eastern Europe has been great to watch as Karl Marx's perverted doctrines have been toppled by national pride.

The warrior is here, fighting for victory, The warrior is here, fighting for victory, Let's drink to the mighty warriors, Let's drink to the northern winds, Let's drink to our women's beauty, Let's drink before the war begins.

When you were young you chose the life of a warrior, To live and die to keep your people free, You had good times, you had bad times, You did everything by heart, Your life is built around honour and loyalty.

Chorus Let's drink to the coming battle, Let's drink to the blood soaked fields, Let's drink to the thrill of combat, Let's drink as our foes all yield, Let's drink to our mighty warriors, Let's drink to the northern winds, Let's drink to our women's beauty, Let's drink before the war begins.

God knows where I keep this printing press, under my bed probably! I can't even understand one word of Swedish! I must be a busy man!

You've got to be very dedicated to do it. If you want to make money just forget it, sing like Englebert Humperdink and get interviewed by Terry Wogan.

All this was happening, and also the fact that there was literally nowhere we could meet and have a drink. Also everytime there was a left wing march in London, they used to visit my house, plus I was getting demonstrations outside my house every three to four weeks.

The police always informed me that if I came out of my house while they were there I would be nicked for inciting them to cause violence!

The police arrived on the scene and took all the BNP supporters names and numbers, they went around to their houses later on and asked them if they would testify in court and get their attackers charged.

The only problem was that the police had made a mistake and thought that they were the IRA supporters. So I thought if thats what's going to happen every time anything happens in London and I'm going to get stitched up for things, I mean, it was time to go.

I wasn't too bothered about the commies because they were arseholes, it's when the police started to stitch me up.

There's not a great deal that you can do. We're fighting for freedom, our destiny hangs by a thread, We're fighting for freedom, the flag of our race at our head, We're fighting for freedom, the land of our fathers at stake, We're fighting for freedom, the blood of our ancestors sake, Our enemies' ranks are a mixture of colours and hues, We are as one, and as such, we never shall lose, We fight for our honour, we fight for a future of light, For darkness will fall and engulf us, Should we lose the fight.

Chorus Hear the sounds of battle, the screams of the wounded are loud, The warrior stands, and wipes the hot blood from his brow.

Then we were rehearsing at a pub at dinner times, and people used to come in on their dinner breaks to watch, so the police spoke to the governor of the pub and said that they Skrewdriver are allowed to rehearse but they must shut the doors because no-one is allowed to listen to them.

Then after a while of rehearsing behind closed doors they decided that we couldn't do it any more, and then more recently they have tried to stop me and a friend from even drinking in the pubs, but they didn't really get away with that, and due to the governors sticking up for us the police have let that one drop for the moment, so we are not barred from drinking anywhere yet.

As far as I'm concerned and as far as anybody I knows concerned there has never been anything to say that you can't sell records, whatever they were.

I mean, there's bands going around singing songs about killing God and loads of these anti-religion groups, they've all got a bit of stick, but there has never actually been any court cases trying to stop them selling records.

Take American rapper Ice T, some stores said that they wouldn't stock it, but most stores do still stock it It was all a publicity stunt and has sold more records because of it He's never been charged.

Obvi ously there is nothing wrong in singing about killing white people and police. No-one was ever done by the law for selling Ice T records, and no one has ever been arrested ei ther.

Our records do not incite violence at all, our lyrics are basically about being proud of our white race.

If it's illegal to be proud of your race, why isn't it illegal to be proud to be black, Asian, etc.? Axl Rose from Guns and Roses can get away with saying that naughty N word, because he's a druggie and has got a black in the band, but I can't risk saying that N word, unless of course I smoke a joint at gigs and get a rasta bass player, then it's okay.

That's how fucked up and hypocritical every thing is. STAND PROUD I get a feeling, despite the double dealing, Someone is trying to grind us down, Despite the storm breaking, people are awakening, We're always going to be around, Shout out loud, we're strong and proud, No-one's going to kill our voice, No treacherous scum, will have us on the run, Trying to murder freedom of choice.

If we stand proud, and get knocked down, Well that's the way it's got to be, If we die trying, well I prefer dying, To living on my knees.

Will it be a red day, not if I have may way, You can shove your stinking two-faced lies, If they get their say, there'll only be bad days, Stand and watch as freedom dies.

Don't give up the fight for what is good and right, We've got to keep the vultures at bay, I'm living for the times when they pay for all their crimes, And we're sweeping all the rubbish away.

Hopefully the White Diamond will do the same thing with a few bikers. Basically we are just spreading our wings and trying to appeal to everybody, not just Skinheads.

People that I have spoken to about it The Reaper seem to like it, As far as I'm concerned the guitar could have been a little bit louder and the vocals a little quieter.

The original mix of it the guitar was too loud and you couldn't hear the vocals, so we took it back to be re-mixed and it went the other way around.

So if we had anything to do with waking German feeling up, all the better for it Although I do not think It has got anything to do with us.

It's just the German people rising against the influx of immigrants and I wish that the British people would do the same.

And the people shout for Justice - Justice, And none of your dirty little tricks. Yeah the people shout for Justice - Justice, And that means freedom for the Cottbus Six Six young lives are wasting, scapegoats for the powers that be.

Sacrificed for one world men and their immigration policy, I tell you now if it's your plan to try and break us down, Your corrupt plans will tumble cos we'll always be around.

Chorus Arrested by the remnants of a Communist regime. Corruption in high places still around it seems.

As six young men at rotting in a dungeon that's still red. One day the truth will break on through, And the chains will all be shed.

Stand by your own, that's the best way, Stand by your own, from the ruins that came, Stand by your own, it's the only safe cry, Stand by your own.

Red terror will die. False prophets are moaning, and the bankers are groaning, As the leaders of the weak White West, sell out the White man again, We sit here in Europe and wonder what the future holds, The murdering ANC walk free around our countries.

Chorus As we look to the future and hope that our kin survive, All we can do now is trade with them more. The fucking silly little boys in blue.

Are we the Jewish puppets or are we fucking not! As the Germans support us and give us so much support, I thought that it was about time that we done something in German for them.

I wrote the song in English, I got a German lad to translate it, put it on tape for me so I could here the accents and pronunciations and done it from that.

Also Germany has probably got the biggest growing Skinhead scene in Europe, and German people have stood by the band almost as long as the English have.

We've been on a German record label since It's a lot easier for the Germans to obtain our records in Germany too, a lot of normal record shops stock them, and even if they don't people can order them through the record shops.

There not banned over there, as a matter of fact they are not actually banned over here either, the newspapers say that they are, so all the shops won't stock them.

You may wake up one morning, and your life's been took away, And you may think back on memories, and dreams of yesterday, And you may think life is okay, and you just keep struggling on.

But your freedom's being stolen, so wake up before if s gone. And they're taking our freedom away, They're stealing our freedom today, They're taking our freedom away, So listen closely to what I say, The words that you are saying could be taken as a crime, They're even finding faults now, in the words of nursery rhymes, One group can't sell their records, because the law is on their backs, Well we'll all be mindless prisoners, if we don't start fighting back.

Chorus The TV and the papers keep on saying that It's alright, But they're controlled by the reapers, Of the dawn of endless nights, You may think I'm exaggerating, and you look down to the floor, But you'll realise and raise your eyes, as they're kicking down your door.

I actually used to stick up for him when people used to say that he was queer, because he convinced me that he wasn't. I always used to ask him why he worked at these gay dubs, telling him that he'd get a bad name.

He used to say that it was the security firm that he used to work with, that they used to give him the job there.

I accepted him at face value, as he was a Nationalist. I was footed the same as everybody else. Perhaps more than everybody else.

I felt I was betrayed by him and I want nothing to do with him whatsoever. He's dug his own grave as far as I'm concerned. It might be touching nerve ends, but the truth is that blacks are taking our jobs and leaving the White man with unemployment.

Then look at the Jews. Their staple diet is money and controlling everything that smacks of a pretty profit.

Then you have the communists who want the nonsense of equality for all. Come on, where does the White man stand? He's at the end of the dole queue.

He's on the wrong side of the larder cupboard. Look, governments come and go and still the country's sliding down the drain.

Retaliate, will be our only hope. Retaliate, can we ever cope, Retaliate, face them on the streets Retaliate, fight against defeat, As a young man lies dying, the mob begins to cheer, Older people tremble, they have never known such fear, The enemy is taking over, out on the streets, And we are not united, and so face defeat.

Chorus Mr Politician, I won't tell you so, But now the flames are rising, do you want to know? You're blaming unemployment and the racists on the beat, But I don't see White unemployed looting on the street.

Do you mind if I sit here down by your graveside? And rest for a while in the warm summer sun, I've been walking all day and I'm nearly done, I see by your gravestone you were only nineteen, When you joined the great call-up in nineteen-sixteen, And I hope you died quick, and I hope you died clean, Young Willy McBride was it slow and obscene?

Did they play the pipes lowly? Did they play the death march as they lowered you down? Did the band play The Last Post and chorus? Did the pipes play the Rowers of the Forest?

Did you leave a wife or a sweetheart behind? In some faithful heart is your memory enshrined? Although you died back in nineteen-sixteen, In that faithful heart are you forever nineteen?

Or are you a stranger without a name? Enclosed and forever behind a glass frame, In an old photograph battered and stained, And faded to yellow in a brown leather frame?

Chorus Well the sun now it shines on the green fields of France, As the warm summer breeze, makes the red poppies dance.

And look how the sun shines from under the clouds. The countless white crosses stand mute in the sand. To man's blind indifference to his fellow man.

The whole generation was butchered and damned. And did they believe when they answered the call, Did they really believe that this war would end wars?

The sorrow the suffering the glory the pain, The killing and dying were all done in vain, Young Willy McBride it all happened again, And again and again and again and again Three teeth less, a few stitches in the mouth and he said - Right, the gigs off tomorrow ya Nazi bastard.

It's about time the lot of them were either gassed or fucking shipped out. Walk down the street in this country, what do you get?

Some fucking big lipped, flat nosed black bastard walking along going "rass man", fucking barging the Skinheads out of the way, he don't fucking do that if it was a fucking proper society.

We'll have the black filth out one day, don't worry about it, and if we don't throw them out we'll fucking gas them.

Born Scott Ian Rosenfeld [2] name has since been legally changed to a Jewish family [3] in the Bayside section of the New York City borough of Queens , he has a younger brother named Jason who was involved briefly with Anthrax and a half-brother named Sean.

Witnessing Kiss live at Madison Square Garden in made a huge impact on Ian, who has been vocal about his love for the band, and appeared on an episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels , in which he visited Simmons' home and spoke about the impact Kiss had on his life.

Ian went on to be influenced by British heavy metal bands such as Black Sabbath , Iron Maiden , Motörhead and Judas Priest , as well as the punk rock band, the Ramones as an influence.

The musical style of his playing and songwriting including fast alternate picking was also largely influenced by the German metal band Accept.

As a founding member of Anthrax, Ian helped to create thrash metal in the mids alongside Megadeth , Slayer and Metallica.

Anthrax's next shows were in Australia in February as a part of the Soundwave Festival. Anthrax was a part of the Sonisphere Festival in Europe in the summer of , where for the first time Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeth performed together on the same stage - 16 June , Warsaw, Bemowo Airport, Poland.

Ian got into a television gig with VH1 in when they asked him to host "Rock Show". The debut album from Pearl was released on January 19, through Megaforce Records.

Ian performed with Pearl on Jimmy Kimmel Live! In , DC Comics asked Ian to take the character Lobo and write a two-issue prestige format series for that character.

Books one and two of Lobo: Highway to Hell were released in November and December In , Ian signed with Ultimate Bet, the third largest internet gaming site in the world as one of their online professional players.

Ian joined professional poker players Phil Hellmuth Jr. In Ian joined the metal supergroup the Damned Things , which released their first album on December 14, On June 21, Ian's wife Pearl Aday gave birth to their first child, thus forcing Ian to briefly depart from Anthrax's tour.

Andreas Kisser from Sepultura filled in for Scott on guitar during Scott's absence. Ian provided the voice of a human who snuck in Dethklok 's trunk while they were hammered in the Season III: In , he joined former members of Mother Superior to form Motor Sister.

They released their debut album "Ride" on 9 March He was married formerly to his high school girlfriend, Marge Ginsburg, in the s; [2] the marriage ended in divorce.

Ian is married to singer Pearl Aday , adopted daughter of famed singer Meat Loaf. Their first child, Revel Young Ian, was born in He plays poker and is an online pro at UltimateBet.

Ian is a fan of hip hop music , particularly Public Enemy. He was known to wear Public Enemy shirts while performing gigs in the late s and also said Run-DMC came out with the same aggression that metal bands played with that he was listening to.

He fell in love with rap and said Run-DMC was the group that put rap on the map. He is known to use Dimebag Darrell tribute Deans and previously endorsed Washburn.

Scott uses a DigiTech signature Black 13 distortion pedal, and a DigiTech chorus pedal for his clean sounds. He also recently began endorsing Evertune bridges.

Ian white daughter -

Dart Forum - dartn-forum. Skip user information nrwdarter Unregistered. In 11 Tagen spiele ich gegen Ian White, freue mich auf das Match. Scot Ian Anderson, the frontman of Jethro Tull since the band was formed in , gets his kicks from cultivating hot chilli peppers, studying wildcats and following politics. Manche machen sich über nen sch Da hat Vater Staat noch die Hand drauf. Aktuellen Zu-und Abgäge des kulturamagazine. I remember asking my mum if I could try spinach; she said it tasted of dirt. Und was ist noch besser als ein Stelzbock? Oldenburg Spielt Dart seit: DartCounter congratulates Ian White with his 48th birthday! What became of the lovely Linda? Wir geben dir einen Überblick über die besten Spielotheken in Nürnberg. Spielo Automaten im Beste Spielothek in Valdorf finden spielen Eine echte Alternative zur lokalen Spielhalle sind heute übrigens sogenannte. Tuesday, 09 October You are not logged in. Und was ist noch besser als ein Stelzbock? Anmelden Registrieren Sprache ändern Deutsch Englisch. Spiele deine Kombiwette jetzt bei Bet und gewinne je nach der Anzahl deiner Tipps extra. Wäre cool wenn jemand mehr Informationen über sie hat, und die mit mir teilen will. Ian Gilmour is a New Zealand-born actor, who has worked mostly in Australia.

An early fascination with theatre was encouraged by Ian's parents, who took him on a family outing to Peter Pan at Manchester Opera House when he was three.

When he was nine, his main Christmas present was a wood and bakelite, fold-away Victorian Theatre from Pollocks Toy Theatres, with cardboard scenery and wires to push on the cut-outs of Cinderella and of Olivier's Hamlet.

Until her recent death, Jean still acted, directed, and produced amateur theatre. At all his schools he acted, most crucially for Frank Greene, the senior English master who directed the annual, spring-term Bolton School classical play in the main hall, seating people.

This converted Edwardian house had an auditorium for 50 adoring parents and a tiny stage for puppetry, one-act entertainments in French or translated from the Greek or written especially by the masters.

In one of these latter, Ian made the first of very few appearances in drag, as a Bolton mill-girl who cheats her way to the finale of a beauty contest The Beauty Contest by Leonard Roe.

His first Shakespeare performance was at Hopefield, as a 13 year old Malvolio in the letter scene from Twelfth Night. Each summer, Ian attended the school's camp to Stratford-upon-Avon: As it was, Ian won an exhibition to read English at St.

This honour was withdrawn after two years, as his academic progress had been overtaken by the 21 undergraduate productions he acted in.

He began to be noted by the national press: When Ian graduated Bachelor Arts 2. Three years later, he was living in London with two Scottish terriers and his lover Brian Taylor, a history schoolteacher from Bolton at 25, Earl's Terrace in Kensington.

When that relationship changed in , Ian bought his first house at 17, Camberwell Grove, where he lived alone for eight years.

During this time, without any contact with the burgeoning gay rights movement, he was openly gay at home and at work.

He was, however, closeted in not being honest with his blood family nor with the media "neither of whom showed much interest in my sexuality, whatever it might have been.

Probably because for most people in England, sex is a tricky topic. For eight years he lived there with his lover Sean Mathias, with whom Ian tries regularly to work recently in the film version of Bent , Dance of Death , Aladdin , and Waiting for Godot.

Locally he drinks late nights at the gay pub "The White Swan" and is patron of the St. Sir Ian has often held establishment appointments: The current trend is for ethereal, boho-style wedding dresses so I like the idea that Folie Frocks is a sassier, more glamourous option for brides who want an alternative to the vintage look.

This new collection offers a wonderful palate of colour options, luxurious fabrics and as always, the potential for each gown to be customised to the individual.

Folie Frocks has options for brides that are marrying in a cathedral, on a beach, in a town hall or at a woodland festival. I have to bear in mind that we have brides who are in the 60s getting married for the first time.

Not everyone wants a Cinderella ball gown which is why diversity is so crucial. When we first released images from the Folie Frocks photoshoot, the reaction was amazing particularly to the more dramatic dresses like Flamingo Flair, which is the one covered in feathers!

It means we can all breathe a sigh of relief after months of hard graft. I sincerely hope that the reaction to Licence to Frill , my lastest Occasion Wear collection, is just as encouraging.

The dress is unmistakably Ian Stuart, so we wanted to know more about how and why it made such a statement on the day. Alex generously agreed to tell us more…..

Set amid acres, Buxted Park is a beautiful Palladian country house in East Sussex think grand staircases, high ceilings, wide terraces and Venetian-style columns.

The building dates from and is undeniably grand. Having driven past it by chance, Alex knew that the style and location would work perfectly for the wedding.

But she also knew that her dress could easily be overshadowed by such an imposing setting. She was honest enough to admit that, despite being massively excited about the idea of marrying Toby, she had gained weight since meeting him and was therefore not thrilled about the idea of trying on wedding dresses, or being the centre of attention on the day.

Women are supposed to have this magical experience of shopping for THE dress and yet the reality is often very different because there is such enormous pressure to look their absolute best on their wedding day.

Alex looks every inch the radiant bride in the photographs, so it was a surprise to hear that she found the whole thing quite daunting — until of course, she found the perfect dress.

Alex recruited her mother and two close friends to go shopping with; one of whom was to be her Maid of Honour, the other a close male friend who just happens to be a wedding planner — more about that later.

Although it took him a few months to ask her out for dinner, they were engaged within the year. Conscious of her body shape she is quite large busted , Alex was nervous about being on show, even in front of such close confidants.

Everyone instantly knew it was the one and Alex recalls there being an audible gasp when she walked out of the changing room.

Wedding planner Aidan Flynn was on hand to advise on all aspects of the wedding. When Toby finally got to see his bride at the altar on a particularly hot day back in May, he immediately commented on how much he loved her dress.

The Channel 4 show about my flagship London store finally aired after months of nervousness about how it would be received.

And just to add a bit more pressure, we had two days of catwalk shows to launch my latest Occasion Wear collection, Licence to Frill! It was stressful at times, but also a lot of fun.

We are used to people getting their kit off at The Blewcoat, but burlesque dancer Miss Strawberry Moon took it to a whole new level!

And who could ever forget the Chihuahua bride, or Belinda, who needed an outfit to match her parrot?! We are lucky to have such a unique mix of clients and hopefully the show portrayed us as real, down to earth people who genuinely want to help women look their absolute best.

I think our passion for the job was evident. I honestly believe that anyone can look incredible given a bit of help from the experts. I am very aware that not everyone can afford designer clothes, but cost aside, my collections are accessible to all women, irrespective of age, shape or size.

Each dress is a labour of love and the amount of skill and time that goes into making them is reflected in both the quality and the price.

Lots of you are asking whether there will be another series of The Posh Frock Shop and the honest answer is that we really hope so.

The production company has announced that they are now planning the next series so it looks promising.

We will let you know when there is any update. You can imagine how nerve-wracking it was to open ourselves up to criticism, so I want to say a big thank you to each and every person who has been in touch to say how much they enjoyed watching us.

I have been so touched by all the supportive messages and words of encouragement. I never expected viewers to be so thoughtful and generous.

Thank you once again for all the love and loyalty shown to me and my team. Hope to see many of you at The Blewcoat sometime soon.

You will always get a very warm welcome. One of the most memorable and touching moments of The Posh Frock Shop was when Army Captain Hannah saw herself in a wedding dress for the first time.

As a transgender woman, Hannah has been through a different journey from most brides-to-be and many viewers of the Channel 4 show were moved to tears by her honesty and optimism:.

Hannah knew she wanted a figure-hugging dress and something to accentuate her waist. The classic, strapless gown made her look curvy, elegant and feminine which is exactly the look she wanted to achieve.

Hannah was clearly overwhelmed when she first saw herself in the mirror and was surprised by how beautiful she felt in the dress.

Ian encouraged her to go with that gut feeling. She feels more comfortable buying clothes online. Store manager Carrelyn was able to reassure Hannah that it is normal for women to feel that mix of nerves and excitement as they try on wedding dresses for the first time.

For Hannah, the emotions were heightened and magnified given what she has been through to feel entirely comfortable with who she is:.

Reflecting on the dress fitting, Carrelyn says: I felt a real warmth towards her and was privileged to share such a special moment with her.

As early as the first date, Hannah knew that she had found someone she had a future with. I had genuinely prepared myself for being alone.

They opted for a small, intimate ceremony at Chelsea Town hall, followed by a reception at an Italian restaurant. They now share married quarters at Sandhurst, where Hannah is based, with Jake living part of the week in London due to his work commitments.

They look forward to their big next adventure which is to have a family. Not long now until the wedding of the year and I for one, cannot wait to see that dress!

That dress you are yearning for is not always the one that flatters you most, so my advice is to opt for a designer that you identify with and trust completely.

Ms Markle is a force to be reckoned with and a breath of fresh air for the Royals. I hope to see her in something a little bit edgy to reflect a new era of British royalty.

Rumour has it that she may even wear two dresses on the big day. This would give her scope to keep the traditionalists happy with something demure and romantic for the ceremony, followed with a sexier, more revealing number for the evening, just to make clear her intention to be a thoroughly modern member of the Royal clan.

The power of a dress means that we will be talking about it for years to come. I relate to Harry with his cheeky sense of fun and down to earth approach.

He seems completely enthralled with his sassy bride-to-be so I wish them lots of love, luck and laughter. We want to know your story; how did you meet?

Ben and I have known each other for around 14 years. We met when we were in our early teens at a local carnival. We dated on a couple of occasions over the years but it never seemed to be the right time for either of us.

How did he propose? Ben whisked me off for a 2 night stay to Newcastle and we stayed in a gorgeous penthouse apartment. As it was a few days before Christmas, he had small gifts wrapped up which he gave me throughout the days while we were there.

On the second night we were getting ready to go out for a meal to the Baltic Flour Mill Six. He told me to open the gift on the table which was a set of Swarovski champagne flutes.

When I turned round he was down on one knee and I was gobsmacked! Little did I know the flutes were for a toast, and the meal was for our engagement.

It still baffles me how he remembered, as it was only said in passing! How did you know that your Ian Stuart Dress was the right choice for your big day?

Whether they are your taste or not; each of his dresses are timeless and a work of art in their own right, nobody can deny that. The closest stockist to where we live is Y.

P Bridal Boutique in Newcastle. The final dress I tried was La Fayette. Before my bridal consultant Danni got the zip half way up, I burst into tears.

I knew I had found my dress instantly. When Danni pulled back the curtain for my Mam and Auntie to see, they both had the exact same reaction!

I opted for the matching cathedral veil and I purchased my headdress from here also. The three of us had the most magical time at this boutique.

I also decided to have the dressing experience that Y. I would highly recommend it to anyone, even more so if if you have a big dress.

The theme for the wedding seemed to evolve as time went by. We knew we wanted something glamorous as it reflects our personal taste both as individuals and as a couple.

So I decided to run with that… you could say the theme was very much centred around the dress. Although the wedding itself was quite a modern affair.

We still tried to do all of the usual wedding traditions. It is over 60 years old has an A embroidered on it.

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